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Personal and Group email accounts stopped working

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  • Personal and Group email accounts stopped working

    I'm faced with an issue where the scheduled jobs for personal and group email accounts stopped working and I have no idea what it could be.

    The minute cron job fails with an error message in the log of:
    `ERROR: CronManager: Failed job running, job [63b90b90344a0eeb4]. Error Details: Job CheckEmailAccounts 63b90973703d29632: [500] Email Account 63b90973703d29632 is not active`

    After about 3-4 years of working without problem, about a month ago it simply started failing with the above message. Our mailboxes are all in fact still active, so the error message is very puzzling.

    We have 3 employees who all used EspoCRM as their personal email, and we have all our departmental mail as group email accounts, none of which work anymore.

    I'm hoping perhaps someone could point me in the right direction.

    Current version: 6.1.9 - I tried upgrading to the latest to see if that would help, but only managed to get up to this release, trying to go any higher seems to break my install completely, and I am not in a position right now to spend too much time trying to figure out why.

    Any idea what I could try to at least get email working again?

    EDIT: for more context... this seems to only be for email outside my LAN, as I'm able to receive mail from someone within the company network. Also, it's only for incoming email, I can send email just fine.

    Also, the email setting up test button reports that the connection is OK, which is further puzzling.
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    Here's where the exception is thrown:


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      Thanks for the response, yuri

      Is it possible that the exception might be raised from here instead?
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      The entity is definitely "active" though, so could it be the "useImap" parameter?