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Building a report showing info of a second relation/link/account

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  • Building a report showing info of a second relation/link/account

    Hello everyone and happy new year!

    I am currently trying to build a report in Espo that shows information of a second entity that is connected to the first entity that the contact has a relationship with.
    It goes like this: contact (lowest level) -> editorial office -> publishing company (highest level).

    A contact has a special field that defines the contact as part of a newsletter list. Every contact ist linked to a editorial office and that editorial office is linked/has a relationship with a publishing company.

    I was able to include the name of the editorial office in the report for contacts but I also need the name of the publishing company, so that I can send letters via postal service to those contacts. Therefore I need the name of the publishing company in the report so that I can export the list for DHL/Postal service and my letters will arrive at the correct adress.

    I have already found out that the account of the editorial office is shown in the top part of a contact in detail view. If I go to the editorial office the linked publishing company is shown in the bottom panels.

    Is that a problem? Can I only add the info of the first relationship/link? Do I need to build another report with the main entity being "account"?‚Äč