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Sales Pack, add items to invoice from something else rather than products

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  • Sales Pack, add items to invoice from something else rather than products

    Is it possible to add items into an invoice from another entity (not products)?
    Target: We want to create something like a balance sheet, where a PDF Template will generate a file, with data from 2 entities - Assets and Liabilities
    We thought that Sales pack could provide that functionality with Invoice's, but as far as I understand you can only select items from products.

    So what we want in the end is like a pdf table, that displays data from 2 entities in a column sorted by date.
    I understand that even in the base version of Espo, I can create another separate entity, link Assets and Liabilities to it, and display it in a PDF with {{#each assets}} and {{#each liabilities}} - but that will fetch me 2 separate tables, where I want to join them so they are displayed in 1 table and sort them by Date column

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    There is no "accounting" function at the moments. Whether as an extension of any other user who entertain this idea.

    It been a long term request from me. There isn't any other CRM that does it easily as well so still awaiting (I tested many and only Dolibar came close)

    I tried to get a quote to have this feature build as an extension but haven't gotten any good result yet. Will try again at some points, maybe someone can implement it.

    Here is a pass thread which I talk about a similar feature:
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      We have most of the accounting done through formulas, just need the balance sheet