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    where can I set that each sent mail is sent by BCC to another mail address?​

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    Out of the box, I think you need to use Workflow (Paid Extension).

    I'm not sure if it even possible to do using Formula.


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      If you are fine with editing core files you could go to

      And in this line
      add this:
      PHP Code:
      attributes: {bcc''}, 
      Change it with the email you wish to be add in bcc.
      Save and Rebuild and it should work.
      P.S. I didn't test if it will work for replies as well but for new emails it work.


      • JF4711
        JF4711 commented
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        Thank you. You can do that, I would also manage it. What to do during the update? Check this code every time. A central setting would be better. In Europe you are obliged to keep all business relevant mails.

      • espcrm
        espcrm commented
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        Don't all your email get copy into the "Send" folder? BCC would be going to another 'designated mail'? You would do a server wide email forward if your email host/system have it.

        I don't think you can create a Custom code for Email, so yes you would need to do this code each time.

        As for your Central Setting, then I suggest you try the Feature Request on forum, surprisingly there was a few feature that I manage to get accept. The recent only would be Keyboard shortcut... I assume and take credit for this! But it might have been on Yuri to-do list long before the request.

        If you can't wait: Alternatively, if you can code, or willing to pay someone to code it, you can get them to do a Pull Request with the feature and everyone benefit.