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Separate role for user management

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  • Separate role for user management

    I need a "User Administrator" that can create, read, edit and update users. I can create a role, but the available permissions are 'read' and 'edit'.

    I don't want to set the user type to "Admin".​

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    Hi romach,

    Only admins can create users. An intermediate option can be a manual switch in the User profile in the Type field from Admin (when you need to create users) to Regular (for the rest of the time you work in EspoCRM). At the same time, the role can remain unchanged, since the administrator has maximum rights.
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      The best way is to use formula and some fields on some entity like account or any custom entity, so that will sync with users based on the fields using formula.
      We made an extension that allow to have limited admin level and give any permissions you wish, not tested yet on latest espo version.

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