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User theme interface is not changing

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  • User theme interface is not changing

    Hi all,
    Setting another theme in user interface is not working and it keeps loading the previous one.
    Neither while selecting Top navbar instead of Left sidebar
    Flush /recreate the cache had no effect.

    In fact on page reloading the new theme color appears briefly but reverses to the same one.

    I did not see any occurences in the forum about it but i'm pretty sure it's a rookie issue.
    Thank's for your help.

    Version : Espo 7.2.7 + Real Estate 1.6.1
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    Thought resolved but not
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      Can you try another account?
      Another web browser?

      After you change, can you check setting to see if it "save" with the new theme?

      When does it "revert" back to default theme? When you log out and log in? When you refresh the website? When you change page?


      • Scram
        Scram commented
        Editing a comment
        You gave the tip thank's.
        The changes were not applied from "Administration" but it did apply when I tried from "Preferences".

        It's a bit confusing as on my other Espo testing folder the layout is applying when changes are set from Administation>User interface.
        Anyway it's really not a big deal that it's working that way around.

        Thank you and have a good day