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  • Account Creation with Emails - Urgent

    Hello everyone,

    Starting to use EspoCRM for my software company but trying to figure things out so wondering if someone could assist me further.
    When you sign up to a company over the phone, they take your details do all their checks then add you as an account on their systems and you receive an email from their systems saying 'Welcome to Company1!". I'm wanting to setup on EspoCRM that when you create a new account you can select from templated emails to send to the customer.

    Even better as a bonus I'd like a welcome email to AUTOMATICALLY send to the email on the account, is this something possible? If so please advice!!

    Thank you so much in advanced.

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    Hi Aucro,

    In order to automatically send a welcome email immediately after creating a new Account, you first need to create an Email Template in the Administration > Email Templates.
    Then go to Administration > Entity Manager > Account > Formula and paste this formula:
    $emailId = record\create(
    'to', emailAddress,
    'status', 'Draft',
    'parentId', entity\attribute('id'),
    'parentType', 'Account')
    ext\email\applyTemplate($emailId, 'your-email-template-id');
    Don't forget to insert the ID of the previously created Email Template like this: '6314db54454ac69d8' (necessarily with upper brackets) in this line: ext\email\applyTemplate($emailId, 'your-email-template-id');.

    Learn more about Email Templates in this article:

    Also, check out the variety of formulas in EspoCRM:


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      Thank you so much, really appreciate it.
      I do have one more issue if you could help me whilst you are here.

      When I select a new theme, from Dark Horizontal to Dark nothing is happening. I want to try the sidebar to the left but it's not working. What can I do?

      Click image for larger version

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        You are welcome, Iā€™m always happy to help.

        Can you please tell me which version of EspoCRM are you using? I need this information so that I can reproduce this problem. You can check it in the Administration > Upgrade.

        Also try logging out and logging into your instance again. If it does not help, try to do a Rebuild in the Administration.