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Email Text Colors Change When Accepting Spell-Check Corrections!?

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  • Email Text Colors Change When Accepting Spell-Check Corrections!?

    Has anyone ever experienced this before!?

    I have a user on a Windows 10 PC accessing our CRM via Chrome. The last few months she has been constantly encountering an issue where within EspoCRM's email compose slide-out modal, the email body text color will change to a red color whenever she right-clicks on a misspelled word and accepts a correction suggestion. It's not consistently everytime, but it's happened enough that we've received many complaints about it multiple times so are finally posting here.

    Screenshots attached... Whenever this phenomena happens, the user can literally press Ctrl + Z to revert back to before she accepted the spelling correction and it will change her text back to the default black color. Then, back to red whenever she clicks a spelling suggestion in the right-click context menu. To work through this we just have her highlight the email body and manually change the text back to black using the text formatting option.

    We've tried sever-side troubleshooting such as rebuilding the CRM, rebooting the VM off-hours, as well as searching logs whenever this happens. Issue persists! We're currently on EspoCRM v7.1.5, PHP v7.4.3, MySQL v8.0.30.

    We've tried client-side troubleshooting like ensuring her Chrome browser is up-to-date, erasing cookies+cached files from the browser, as well as performing a Chrome Reset. The issue.. still.. persists!

    Lemme know if anyone has any similar experiences or other troubleshooting steps we could try... thanks very much!!!

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    did you try with another browser? Could be a Chrome issue


    • Zosh
      Zosh commented
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      We have tried Firefox a few times and the issue hadn't surfaced but haven't had her daily-drive anything other than Chrome though. We use Chrome as our organizational default and manage browser policies via G-Suite/Workspace.

    • espcrm
      espcrm commented
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      Perhaps using other variant of Chrome be an option, provided that the bug is affecting other version.

      For example Chrominion... which isn't an good example because I think this version remove Google.