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Workflow (advanced pack) receive email from lead

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  • rabii
    I think it is better for you to use BPM and you can use Drip Campaign check this link =>

    So when you are building your drip campaign you can use Message Intermediate Event (catching) =>

    I am not sure if this could be done by workflows but i am sure you can map all flows into a flowchart of BPM.


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  • mkas
    started a topic Workflow (advanced pack) receive email from lead

    Workflow (advanced pack) receive email from lead

    We have the advanced pack and are setting up our workflows, which is great.

    I am trying to make a workflow that updates a lead when we receive the first email from the lead.

    The concept we have is:
    -> Lead is created through web to lead form (working) - not assigned to a user
    -> Workflow sends a welcome introduction email (working)
    -> Customer replies to introduction email, or they send an email (customer initiated)
    -> Email received into EspoCRM (working)

    How do we create the workflow so that when the email is received, as per above, the lead is assigned to a user (that we put in the workflow) and the status changed?
    We can do the actions, but just don't know which 'conditions' to use to identify when the email is received.

    Thanks in advance.