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Manage Git Repository for Espocrm customization

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  • Manage Git Repository for Espocrm customization

    Hello Team,

    Please read carefully.

    Goal: Manage Production and Development Environment of Espocrm as a Git Repository and Database should also different for different environments.

    My Workflow should be:
    1. Customize Espocrm using the admin panel in the development branch.
    2. After Testing, merge the development branch into the production branch.
    3. Export PDF Templates from one environment to another.

    To achieve my goal, what should be my work strategy.
    How to write a .gitignore file for this work.

    Please suggest ideas to me.
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    This sound quite like a technically issue that Yuri would best to give you a hint on. I would suggest re-posting this in Developer Help.

    PS: Considering you new to forum, I'm just an user like yourself and not official in any way.


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      I just wanted to point out that I ALSO would LOVE to achieve this kind of setup!!!

      In my company's deployment of on-premise EspoCRM, we're hosting it on an Ubuntu Server v20.04_LTS LAMP-stack. I would be elated if I make a copy of our production EspoCRM VM instance and then use that as a development & testing environment.

      It would be amazing if someone could produce a brief guide or link one here that someone already started. I'm not the most versed with Git quite yet, a project like this has been on our agenda but we just haven't had the time to research and implement this yet.


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        We're working with our EspoCRM clients on three environments. First of all, we're working on extensions. Thanks to that main our changes are grouped in "groups".
        We have dev environment, where we create extension, then we're installing extension on stage environment - client can test there our changes. After he agree, we're moving this to production.

        Of course extensions are on git also. We have clients which are working on git(branches), but from our perspective it's not a good idea.
        If you want, you should probably commit applications, client and custom. Data folder contain uploaded files, cache and config file which should be saved on git only partially(from v.7 EspoCRM store credentials to database in different file).

        Please remember that custom directory and config file will change after any change in admin section.


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          I'm also interested in this.

          Some help or docs on a git repository template for synchronizing an idempotent state between environments would be great.
          Can the export import extension be used for this?