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Import questions (remove records / matchup records)

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  • Import questions (remove records / matchup records)

    We are considering to maybe get rid of one of our existing CRM systems and move it to Espo. One of the must haves are daily imports from different systems like SAP or Navision. Each of the systems has its own key for accounts and currently we use this key to matchup data during import. So for example from Navision we receive new and updated order records together with the Navision key for the account. Updates shouldn't be a problem, but how to link new orders to the correct account in Espo? It works via account name, but this doesn't work for us (same company in different cities for example). Also we cannot transfer Espo's account ID to Navision to send it back from Navision later, cause in each and every CRM project I know, the CRM is the glue that holds everything together, so it stores all the keys of the different external systems.

    Second question. Maybe I don't see the obvious in the documentation, but how to remove records during import?

    Any idea?

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    Where is the place where account created? Where is the MDM for accounts?
    1. Navision
    2. CRM (Espo)
    3. Other place

    With Espo you can:
    1. Change Espo ID system
    2. Import data to Espo with Navision ID (with some additional customizations)
    3. Create additional fields for external ID and create custom Controller for import


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      Thank you for your answer dimyy

      It depends, accounts are mainly created in CRM, but for existing records ... some exist in SAP, some exist in Navision, some in both. So in our old CRM, we store the external keys from Navision and/or SAP at the account in CRM and during import we can access this external key for a proper matchup - so for example when the account is found via Navision key we can link the order to the correct account in CRM. So your solution 3 sounds promising. The fields already exist, just I cannot use it. Can you provide some more details or starting points regarding custom controller for import? In the documentation I only see custom controllers for entities, but this sounds like a different thing


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        You can define any custom routes, not only for entities.