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How to: Change the maximum fields in a panel row from 4 to 6

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  • How to: Change the maximum fields in a panel row from 4 to 6

    The attached screen shots show the required file edits to increase the number of fields/columns in a panel row, from 4 to 6.

    Make backup copies of the two files affected, BEFORE making any changes. Note the line numbers for each file.

    This change appears to work, but I welcome any feedback.

    I have noticed that when dragging field names into their panel containers, you may have to drag the field further over to the left, watching for the container to "light up" (change color), before you release it.
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    telecastg .. do you think we can do a upgrade-safe package ?

    PS : not for need this requirement.. but many asked
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      Thanks for posting this Mark G. .

      item I don't think that this improvement can be implemented upgrade-safe, because it involves modifying Espo's Layout Manager, which is hard coded and not modifiable via metadata.

      The best option to make it upgrade safe is probably a feature request.


      • Mark G.
        Mark G. commented
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        I agree, but feature requests take time and might never be implemented. Given the few code changes required to just two files, I can simply re-edit those files after any upgrades.

        I posted the changes here for anyone else who needs to implement tighter, more compact web pages, to handle a lot of data without having to use an extension. Espo is a very capable application outside of the CRM arena, so changes like these help make it a better-fit.
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      • telecastg
        telecastg commented
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        Totally agree with you, Espo is much more than a great CRM, is a very robust and flexible platform to build all kinds pf applications.

        For those willing to write code, there is really no limit to what you can do with Espo and postings like yours help a lot.

        For those not interested or not able to write their own code, Espo still offers a high degree of customization through the Administration panel and formula.

        Extensions are great for users that do not want to write code or prefer not to invest the time required to develop a specialized functionality themselves.