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    I've been stuck for a couple of days on some strange issues in my cpanel-hosted Espo instance. I am starting to think the only way to fix them is to install a new instance of Espo (most recent) and migrate all my data (entities & fields) to that new instance. Is this possible? More importantly, I have Advanced Pack installed on my existing instance, can I move it to the new instance? (Advanced pack is not installed locally on my machine it is only on one instance, the hosted one)

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    Hi JosNas,

    You can move your current license from one server to another without any fee.
    The most important thing is to uninstall the Advanced Pack from the old EspoCRM instance.

    To install a new EspoCRM instance and migrate all data, do the next steps:

    1. Make a backup of your current EspoCRM instance:

    2. Install fresh EspoCRM instance.

    3. Replace/Add "custom", "client/custom", "client/modules", "data/upload" folders to the new instance.
    - Make sure that the file's owner is correct:
    - Rebuild your EspoCRM instance:

    4. Set up a crontab:

    How to import the database:

    - Parameters to change in the data/config-internal.php file (after changing run `php rebuild.php`):
    'dbname' => 'yourDBname',
    'user' => 'yourDBuser',
    'password' => 'yourDBpassword'
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