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  • Bottoms vs Side panels


    Where can I configure which panels will be available to bottom or side panels?

    I would like to add the document panels to side panels, and it is only available to bottom panels.


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    Hi Eduar;

    You can follow the coding tutorial here by the great telecastg.

    One issue is that due to the v7 release, some of the code might not work! It was written for v6, v7 got a major overhaul of coding. So not sure if the guide need to await he backlog of update or it might work flawlessly and you be another happy forum user.

    Use Case: We have a "Tenancy" entity that is related to a "CollectionIssue" entity in a one to many relationship. We want to display the "CollectionIssues" in a side panel when viewing a single "Tenancy" record similar to how "Tasks" are displayed. Side Panel Display.png


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      Hi, I've read about side panels... Great documentation, will help a lot.

      However, how about bottom panels? Where can I find documentation about configuration?

      I would like to move "Documents" and "Stream" from bottom panels to side panels.
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        My guess is you would do the same thing in the guide? Except instead of creating/editing for the Entity name: collection-issues, you would do it for Documents.


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          Probably, but is there any documentation about the exact name of the entity/view (and the other 2 values) of the configuration? My guess is find one configuration file with the exact names and "only" copy them to the new configuration file.


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            I doubt there is any documentation, most of the time documents is bare basic with little or no example, some documents got example though.

            Till someone is willing to write a guide or can provide you a solution. Otherwise you must trial and error if you cannot wait, see what work and what doesn't. If you don't at least try it then you won't know. If you try and fail, posting your issue might get other people to people you some advice. Personally my code skill is zero so I can't be too much of help.