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Simple EspoCRM cron question: frequency and resources

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  • Simple EspoCRM cron question: frequency and resources

    I don't use incoming mail on EspoCRM 7.x. I very rarely send outgoing mail.

    Is it necessary for the server cron to run the EspoCRM cron.php file every minute? Could it not be run each hour instead? Or just once each night?

    Is the cron.php program a heavy CPU resource user? (I run EspoCRM on a small Linode server with lots of low-volume websites)

    Not a big deal. Just curious.

    Thank you.

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    You can run it at a much slower pace if you like, certainly for function you don't use at all you can just change the timer on that one. However the other system you want to run it every minutes (by default and recommend setting iirc).

    This is because I believe the notification system is update through CRON. So you can just dig for email under Admin > Scheduled Job (Sample URL: )

    From what I see personal email is every 2 minutes so it basically running a Email check every 2 minutes. Change this to 24 hours if you want, do read up on the Code though, else you might accidentally set it every 24 years and you wonder why you don't get email.

    From my perspective it not CPU intensive but many CRON job at the same time would slow down read/write (so Harddisk) more than CPU.