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  • module for dental clinic

    hello, i want to customize my database to fit a dental clinic, any modular extension or hack? thanks.

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    Hi, you don`t need to "hack" anything. Just develop your necessary entities with what espoCRM has to offer, what is a overwhelming lot. You could use some or the most of the core entities, already in the system, customize thes and think about, what you could need beyond that.
    For some tasks there are extensions, as well from espoCRm itself, as from other developers.
    The most profit from what espoCRM has to offer you get from starting with it, the rest will follow.


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      The hack is to replace default fullCalendar 3 to fullCalendar 5 and use resource view
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        Cool idea, do you just replace the files? Or need to configure/compile or do some editing?

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        Originally posted by shalmaxb View Post
        Hi, you don`t need to "hack" anything. Just develop your necessary.
        thanks, i'm just a begginer with it, is it possible to create fields for name, date of treatment, type of treatment, total price, and payed money in new entity, and tutorial? thanks again


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          Yes, that is all possible. You can create a lot of field types, can calculate, where necessary and lot more. If you are starting with it, try to make a simple entity first to get used to the procedure. With time you will discover lot of possible things.
          The example of eymen-elkum is quite advanced though.
          I think, there is no tutorial to create a complete app, but there are some videos with basic information. The best progress you will make starting.
          ​​​​​​​Here in this forum you also will find lot of help.


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            You should probably start by reading the documentation.

            Creating new entities with their own fields and layouts is a breeze with Espo.

            This system it is the closest thing to an "application generator" with the added advantage that is completely open so you can modify it exactly to your needs.

            In addition to the documentation, I would also recommend checking this post by emillod and this wiki by espcrm
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            Originally posted by shalmaxb View Post
            Yes, that is all possible. You can create a lot of field types, can calculate, where necessary and lot more.
            I'm on it now, what are the fileds to enter, total money, payed money for example? thanks again


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              it would be "currency".

              Guessing from your question, I think you are missing fundamentals. I don`t know, how you will create an entity (what isn`t even a difficult part), when you do not have the knowledge, what field from the fields espoCRM is offering, to use.
              Don`t get me wrong, it`s not my intention to bash you in any form. But please, try to get information about the overall concept of espoCRM first (documentation), try to get some knowledge of database creation in general (because in the end, espoCRM has a lot to do with knowledge about database).

              If you not get the foundation, you will have to ask in the future any single step, which you need. And creating relationships, formulas or even script manipulation will be a nightmare for you (and us here in the forum).
              Recently our fellow forum member emillod started to provide a bunch of fundamntal videos, that you will find here:
              Don´t hesitate for your own sake, to use the sources available.


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                Originally posted by shalmaxb View Post
                it would be "currency".

                Guessing from your question, I think you are missing fundamentals.
                hell yes, total noob here, i did my entity right, and you were right: currency is the word to fetch in "types". i'm glad to learn, and see if i can ditch excel for good.

                The problem for newbies to Crms are the terminology, lots of new words to navigate, i wish for a dictionary of crms.

                i'll take it easy, thanks again.
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                  Another option if you don't have any experience and prefer a ready made solution, would be to post your project in the jobs section of the forum.

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                  Very hard to ditch excel for calculation (especially complex one or repeated). For me CRM is more of making connection between different thing and visual usage structure.

                  I'm still looking for a self-hostable (share host supported) Excel alternative that work with PHP, everything require additional install software at the moment

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                Don`t have you confused by CRM Terms. As far as I can judge from your question, you won`t use espoCRM that much as an CRM. Use core entities, that are obviously necessary, as Contacts (for your clients). Extend it, where necessary and create new entities, where the CRM is not specialized in.
                For example, I would create for your client`s treatment a new entity, let`s call it treatments. In first place, this entity would bear all the possible treatments and the connection to the respective client you do with a relationship to the contact, where your client should have one record.

                Try it with something easy as that and later you will get an idea, which data you put in and which entities may use the same data on various places. Don`t put everything in one entity. (One principal rule for databases is economy of data, don`t create it so, that you have to put in the same data more than once).

                As for CRM terms, I think you won`t need everything provided by espoCRM. Just have a look at the sequence of CRM:

                - Opportunities (these are possible customers, which later could be converted to contacts)
                - Leads (these are possible sales, connected to possible opportunities)
                - Contacts (customers, that already had business with you)

                - Accounts (these are companies, that are necessary in your process)

                This is the side of customers and suppliers of your business.

                Then you have the side of products and sales, like

                - products
                - quotation
                - sales orders
                - invoice

                This part in espoCRM is best possible with the Product/Invoice extension (paid), but you also may create your own entities for that.

                And you have all the possibilities of treating the process, like

                - Activities
                - Email
                - Cases
                - Calendar

                - Teams
                - Roles
                - Workflow (workflow extension, to automate the process, paid)

                - Reports (paid extension), but you can use also the PDF function in any entity.

                If you have a look at the whole process, you will see, that you won`t need all of it, perhaps only a few parts. What you don`t need, you may deactivate.
                What you else and beyond this will need, you have to create yourself, what in fact is easy with espoCRM. It is sometimes remarkable, how well thought this app is and what is all possible.
                I hope that sheds a bit of light on it.


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                  perhaps it could help, if you post here, what you want to achieve.


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                    Thanks shalma, I'll try to post screenshots of my excel sheets. So far I've made a good entity, the word currency is what i needed, espo is swift, i think quicker thwn suitecrm.

                    Have a nice weekend.


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                      Originally posted by dimyy View Post
                      The hack is to replace default fullCalendar 3 to fullCalendar 5 and use resource view
                      dimyy Could you share more info how to replace fullCallendar 3 to 5?


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                        and necessary files
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                        Surprisingly it quite hard to find installation guide from their official documentation. Look like it is on purpose.