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Show all contacts and not just the first 200

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  • Show all contacts and not just the first 200

    I have 6000 contacts. But I only ever get a maximum of 200 contacts displayed in the list at a time. How do I get all 6000 contacts displayed at once without clicking "show more" each time after 200 contacts. Background: I no longer want to subscribe to or follow all 6000 contacts. But if I click on the selection field all contacts at the top of the contact list then only the first 200 visible contacts are marked. And if I then click on Do not follow via Action, it will of course only be applied to these 200 contacts. How can I no longer follow all 6000 contacts? Or vice versa, how can I, as a newly created user, follow 6000 old contacts with one click?

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    You can select all results w/o clicking show more. Just click the dropdown icon next to the checkbox at the top.


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      Many Thanks. So simple and yet so hidden.

      Unfortunately, this only works for the no longer following. If I want to follow all 6,000 contacts, I will not be offered it this way.
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