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Help needed: scan barcode > create history meeting record

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  • Help needed: scan barcode > create history meeting record

    Hi all,

    after searching and reading the docs and forum I couldn't find a solution for our use case:

    1. scan a (printed) barcode containing the unique contact/Relation ID (like in /#Contact/view/624dd13df865d6781)
    2. let the "barscan software" make an API call to EspoCRM to create a History record of the type Meeting with a default "Record Name" and current date-time

    With this use case you can print "member cards" and scan them at entry for 'recording' every date-time of visit.

    The big question is how to program step 2?
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    I think is better to let the barcord contain the meeting ID in addition to the Meeting ID.

    Then you can create a new entrypoint that recive that ID and apply the needed changes, I hope the documentation of ESPOCRM has enough information

    Will be good if the software can easily call the generated link as the following:

    then the entrypoint will recive the XXX and extract the IDs then make the needed update to database.
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      You would need a developer to make this seamless. Currently there is no solution, that includes any of the current available Mobile App available afaik, none of them support additional customization letting you configure API.

      I suppose an alternative is webhook, that could also work.

      I don't think it too hard to do testing for this though scenario though and create a "proof of concept". You can probably play around with any Rest API software (I use Insomnia), but that all it does, it use for testing. I haven't found any software that can create a button after I finish testing my API yet, or one to convert my API result into a more readable format easily.

      There is no easy way to make it into a working, easy to use front end though, at least not without a developer.


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        Yeah, eymen-elkum is right. The easiest way is to create entrypoint. There you can register some actions. It depend on barcode software which requests can send. If GET, than great. If it'll be POST, then you'll have to use Controller, because EntryPoint can't receive POST requests.


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          Creating the record with a normal POST to the API would be enough to create the record, right?

          You might need a small helper php script (if you don't want to touch EspoCRM that would convert a get to a Post with API key.

          Actually it would be handy to have a generic entryPoint for creating records via a GET request without programming, a bit like the lead2crm :

          PHP Code:
          $apikey "0235038720589243";
          $entity "meeting";
          $name"Meeting for all";
          $description "Only for badge owners";

          $url "$apikey&entity=$entity&name=$name&description=$description
          Then a GET to $url could act as a Webhook consumer. This would lift the burden for non programmers.

          eymen-elkum what do you think.