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Hide fields without going to Layout Manager (logic cannot be applied)

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  • Hide fields without going to Layout Manager (logic cannot be applied)

    I am looking for functionality, that would hide fields in an Entity or Form without going to the Layout Manager.

    Let's say, I have several (or many) fields that are rarely used and they cannot be related to any logic (dynamic logic "Conditions making field visible" cannot be applied). Is there an easy way like a checkbox or three dots inside a Form or Entity to make fields visible and then disappear, that I do not have to go every time to Layout Manager and add/remove fields or check/uncheck "Hidden" every field?


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    Hello, yes, you can do that. You will have to make that in the Layout manager or in the conditions of the single field. If you have, let`s say more than one field, that should be visible only when a checkbox is ticked, you place all these fields in one panel and make this pannel visible under the condition, that it is visible only if the checkbox is true. You don`t need other conditions. So, when the user ticks the checkbox, the fields appear.

    You can even make fields visible by formula, what means, that only when a certain value in in another field is put in, the respective field will appear.


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      Thanks shalmaxb, that is one way to do that.

      But there is a very nice feature (three dots) on the side and bottom panels (my example in Tasks, see attachment). Once I enable them in the Layout Manager, I can press on them and fields appear. Is it possible to have these three dots in the main form (not only on the side and bottom panels)?
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        I think, this is possible only by coding (beyond my skills).


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          Thanks, shalmaxb, I think I will stick to checkboxes for a while.