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Workflow / notifications when an Entity Stream message has not been posted ...

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  • Workflow / notifications when an Entity Stream message has not been posted ...


    I am trying to create this workflow, but can't get it done, do you have any guidance?

    IF in Contacts Entity ( no Stream Message have been posted by Assigned User for 10 days while Status is Lead ) {

    UPDATE Field Priority to "Urgent"
    SEND AN EMAIL to Assigned User


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    Hi there,
    1. First of all you need to make is to create a date type field for the Contacts entity in order to store the date of such post
    2. You need to create a Workflow for the Note entity that will be triggered upon new Post creatinon in the Contact entity and if so then Update related record (Contact) if the post was made by the Assigned User and if Status is "Lead".
    3. Create a report for the Contact entity that will collect all contacts with the filters:
    - status is "Lead";
    - date value (ref. to step 1) is equal to 10 days ago from today.
    4. Create a schedual Workflow for the Contact Entity based on the Report (ref. to step 3) with the desired logic:
    UPDATE Field Priority to "Urgent"
    SEND AN EMAIL to Assigned User


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      thank you I will try that


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        Okay so I followed all steps

        I see results in my list report
        I setup a workflow scheduled with list report
        to update a field of the contact

        And cron task is active for scheduled workflows, and running
        But the "update field" is not working

        any idea?


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          Could you provide screenshots of your both Workflows?
          Also I've noticed that I forget to point you to one important action regarding step 2. So in the Workflow described in step 2 you have to update the new date type field (step 1) in the Contact record and assign to it a date of the last post. My apology for that. But it seems it's done. Isn't it?

          BTW pay attention to the schedule of the Run Scheduled Workflows job in Administration -> Scheduled Jobs.
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            yes it was done for date update

            Here screenshots
            Attached Files


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              Looks good. I've noticed that your Workflow's and your Job's schedules are configured to run every minute but instead of this the target Job process executes every 3 min. This means that the server cron schedule is configured to triggers EspoCRM jobs every 3 min. Perhaps these consequences cause a situation when a pretty big que of jobs are waiting for the execution but in fact, they never would be executed cause a new circle of pending process starts its flow before it's happened.
              This is a bad practice to runs a Schedule Workflow every min. I recommend you to change it. Perhaps the described situation is the cause of the issue.
              BTW could you tell whether in the current Workflow's Log section there are some log entries? P.S. I don't see this part on the screenshot.
              Also, I recommend you check an EspoCRM log file to make sure there are no errors related to this issue. Perhaps there might be something more.


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                It fixed my issue! All thanks to you!