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  • Calculated fields question

    Hi guys,

    I hope everyone is safe and well!

    I have spent quite a while trying to work this out myself but I have to admit that I’m struggling. I have an entity with a list of customer assets and another entity with customer contracts, I’m trying to setup a calculated field in contracts that will show the number of records in assets that match a certain search criteria. I reasonably sure it’s possible with formulas etc. but I just can’t quite figure it out.

    Any help would be appreciated..

    Many thanks.

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    Please provide more detailed information.


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      Sure, so I bill my clients based on the number of active assets they have so in the assets entity I have a status field where billable assets have a status of ‘in use’. I want to have a field in my contracts entity that shows the number of assets that match the account name of the contracts record and has the asset status of ‘in use’. The idea is that I can the see how many assets to bill for by looking at the contracts record for each account. Does that make sense?


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        Does anyone have any ideas about this please?


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          customer->one2many->contracts and contracts->one2many->assets ?

          so you will make invoice too customer for all active contracts and for all "in use" assets ?

          how do you resolve something like duration begin of contracts/end of contract ..and same for assets?
          how many time invoice .. by week/month ?

          i do something like, by month, one click .. but i use :
          report filter
          advanced pack
          jobs. (more than 2 jobs)
          calculate field


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            Thanks for the reply item... I have managed to find a way round this using Reports instead of calculated fields, appreciate your help though..