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  • Change link display field

    Hi, where can I change the field I'm displaying in the image below?

    obs: In this case I'm displaying the 'name' field of a purchase, but I want to diplay another field.

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    Not clear here of the question here.

    You can to change how it look? Move the field to another location? That would be admin > entity > layout manager > details view

    Or you want the 1234567890 to be some other field, for example PersonName123 ?

    PS: I always recommend to use English language when posting screenshot for question, it make it easier to see what all these field is.


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      Hi, sorry about the screenshot.

      But I mean the second case you mentioned.

      Change the '1234567890' to display other field, like the name example you gave.


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        That make sense now, as for how I can't help unfortunately. I tried searching for any previous discussion on this topic (but no good result either). I'm also curious in how to do this also.

        Also tried searching on the code but too many result to find a particular file.