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Activities reporting before full CRM roll-back

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  • Activities reporting before full CRM roll-back

    Upgrade from 6.0.9 to 6.1 become a mess, so that we needed to rollback the app to 6.0.9 without touching the DB.

    This seems to be not enough since there are still features not working correctly (I.e. Call schedule) so we are planning to do a full rollback to the situation at 27th 3AM.
    This mean we will loose all the activity performed Wednesday Thursday and today.

    Apart every user looking at his personal profile Stream, copying elsewhere his changes an manually redo it after roll-back, there is any other more time efficient way to at least report all the activities performed?

    OK for manual reconstruction, but wanted at least to help the users in have a list about what they need to recreate to reach again todays state.

    Due the mess I would not count in doing a DB data reimport, I prefer start from a clean and working status and recreate all the data (we are just 3 users so far, two of them not really active - our luck!)
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    This upgrade should not have affected DB. You can keep the same database just roll back files.


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      yuri this is official? Because we already rolled back the application and there is still this call schedule problem (that was no there before)


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        This release does not have any our scripts that affect DB. We upgraded Doctrine DBAL library (responsible for building database schema) to have PHP 8.0 compatibility. In theory the new version can change something. We tested and there was no any problem.


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          Not sure if it helps, but in our case when we have gotten into a situation where everything seems to be going wrong, we have opted for preserving the database, key settings and start from scratch. (I call this the "nuclear option").

          You can check how to do this step by step in this post.

          Good Luck
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            You can download the fresh install and compare files in the 'application' and 'vendor' folders. More information about your issue would be helpful.


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              After the upgrade this was the status
              - our custom logo is gone
              - attachments show broken link
              - after relocating the item in kanban view give me an Error 500 message
              - I can't access to my profile anymore
              - if I create a call with start time in the afternoon end time is set correctly but in the morning. If I set it manually in the afternoon after saving the Call is set in the morning anyway

              After rolling back the application and enabling some permissions only last problem is remaining, but is disturbing since seems we are in a not in a stable state, so working on the CRM with the idea of later needing a manual data reentry it's not pushing on continue working on it.

              Here you can download that day app logs, the upgrade was done at 7AM, before installing the updates I have had done a full CentOS packages update trough Webmin.
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                Check your data/config.php the parameter 'defaultPermissions'. You seems to have default user and group set to 'www-data' . But 'www-data' user seems does not exist in your system. Maybe you have moved your instance from another system.


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                  Thanks for the support, that was already done and solved previous problems.
                  Yesterday we solved last problem and was not related to 6.1 but an admin misconfiguration in time format.
                  We are anyway back to 6.0.9 and after our experience and reading others will wait a bit more before going up to 6.1 again, also planning a staging environment to test releases before deploying them in production.


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                    Originally posted by davide445 View Post
                    planning a staging environment to test releases before deploying them in production.
                    Always a good idea !