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    My current ongoing problem: sales agent need to work on his assigned accounts but being able to list the whole accounts managed by the team, showing only basic data (main panel, no contacts, stream, activities).
    Belong to the same Team of the internal sales team, but with a different Role.
    Panels visibility rules didn't allow me to filter by Role so to hide unwanted information.

    Using reports im able to extract only the needed info listing i.e. the Name of Account entity, but to make him able to run the report I need to give in the Role Read access to Account by Team, so in fact enabling him to look at every account detail trough the Account feature.

    There is any way to maintain the access rule for Accounts only to Own, but allowing him to run this report, extracting data from the whole Team accounts list.
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    I solved using portals: assigned the report to the portal and allowed Account>Teams field to be read from portal role, to that in report rules i can filter the results using the team.
    What I didn't understand is why this way didn't work using regular role, where I tried to enable as read the single account fields in the sales agent regular role, but the report reman always empty, I suppose since his role has Account access set only to Own.
    So it's not clear to me how this field access control differ btw portal role and regular role.
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      Discovered a problem using the portal: even if the portal role didn't have export permission it's still possible to export the report in xls or csv format.
      Also even if the report columns has the Link disabled in the exported xls there is a link to the account details at every account name.
      The portal user can't access them but still it's not what is supposed to happen.


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        Ok the prortal solution is working but was not very well received from the sales team, due the need to maintain two different open browsers to work with different data (one for the standard CRM and the other for the Portal).

        Trying to solve the problem next the conf I tried for the sales agent as CRM full user
        Team: CompanyB as the internal sales team
        Role: his own SalesAgent role
        Account ACL: Create: Yes, Read: own, Edit: own, Delete: no, Stream: own
        Report Categories and Report: Create: Yes, Read: Team, Edit: Team, Delete: no, Stream: no/own
        Teams: Read: Team

        Field level
        Account: Read access to all field needed in the report, no Edit access
        Report: Teams Read acces, No edit access
        Teams: Name Read access, No edit access

        The report is assigned to him, filtering Accounts by Team (only the one he belongs) and showing only the one NOT assigned to him using the Rules.
        Still the user accessing the Report didn't get any data.

        Is possible to achieve this in any way other than Portals, so that he can see this report inside his standard CRM interface?
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