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  • Sales Agents setup

    Use case: I need external Sales Agents to query the complete account list of CompanyB (existing internal sales team, already generating accounts etc, in Espo assigned as Team CompanyB), showing only Overview data without the Bottom Panel one (contacts, stream, Opportunities).

    But also they will need to be able to manage their own accounts (so being able to see and edit all previous details), assigned to them from CompanyB sales team.

    I have created
    Team: SalesAgent
    Role: CompanyBSalesAgent, can see and edit his team accounts, can't delete, can see Team Stream
    User: assigned to role CompanyBSalesAgent, Team both SalesAgents (so can manage his accounts) and CompanyB (can search trough the company accounts)
    Layout Set: SalesAgent, with specific set for Account>Bottom Panels where is set as visibility rule for every component of the Bottom Panel:
    NOT (Teams ∋ SalesAgent)

    Still the Bottom Panel details are visible

    Also trying to make the CompanyB manager to assign an account to the sales agent give and error when tried to assign both CompanyB (so he can see it by himself) and SalesAgent (so the sales agent can see it) as Team for an account

    Not sure if I'm going on the right path, initially was thinking just to create another role under the same CompanyB team but seen its not possible to apply a visibility rule on Roles, only on Teams.
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    Digging more I find a reference in documentation that the Dynamic logic need to be applicable to a whole panel for
    • Detail
    • Side Panels
    • Bottom Panels
    I didn't find this option, I can add rules only to single fields of the panel.

    About previous request, in the forum I have found this extension from telecastg that enable enhanced logic, allowing to use roles in showing/hiding components
    Using this will break future clean upgrade? There is any plan to integrate in EspoCRM?
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      Hello davide445

      Just released an updated plug-in, compatible with Espo 6+, that allows you to set dynamic-logic values (visible, required, readOnly) plus conditionalCss based on standard criteria plus User values, maybe you can use it for your project. Check this posting:



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        Hi telecastg I'm pretty new to EspoCRM, my concern is if using this plugin mean we will break compatibility with future releases or we will need to port manually every time the customizations.


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          Hi davide445

          Once installed, the extension (plug in) will work and generally will not have to be updated unless there is a major change to the core system like Espo 6 and above was. It involved extensive refactoring but this is not very usual.

          I will generally try to release a new version when required, but his not being a commercial product is subject to my availability of time.

          Ideally, you and other user developers will be able to read the code behind the extension and make your own changes if necessary.

          The idea behind offering free extensions, based on our own development, is to promote the understanding of this great platform and to get more developers on board so the user base grows and the project continues to develop.