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ifthenelse in Workflow and manually trigger in workflow

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  • ifthenelse in Workflow and manually trigger in workflow

    1. is that possible to trigger manually a workflow?

    2. I want either with a workflow, or with a formula to do a "ifthenelse"
    if => condition
    then => account team is "team1" && "team2
    else => accout team is "team1"

    I searched a lot...and i didn't succeed to do that

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    Hi there,
    1. No. Workflow starts due to its trigger types (After record created/updated/saved, etc.). BPM is possible to trigger manually at any time you want.
    2. You cannot set this logic in one Workflow. You will need to create 2 different Workflows with each of these conditions. E.G.:
    - entity\hasLinkMultipleId('teams', '5ff474225bbb1b83d') && - entity\hasLinkMultipleId('teams', '5ff47357c69f19af2')
    - entity\hasLinkMultipleId('teams', '5ff474225bbb1b83d')
    If you need both this logic condition in a one logic flow that you can run manually, then I suggest you consider BPM instead of Workflow