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  • Relationship Advice Needed

    I need some relationship advice, and it's not the dating kind!

    Jokes aside, I am really stuck on an issue where I made some custom entities for a client, and unfortunately the client did some "admin level" exploring in the Entity Manager, where he managed to delete a link between these custom entities.

    I've been trying to make it function correctly again, but I think I'm missing one piece of the puzzle, so I will try to explain what is supposed to happen (ie what was happening before):

    A Case has a many-to-one relationship with an Account, and I made another entity, call it Quotes, that has a many-to-one relationship with Cases.

    Previously, when one added a new Quote using the + in the bottome panel of any particular Case, there would be an automatic association between the created Quote and the Account. This is the link that is now missing. The many-to-one and vice versa of Case to Quote is there.

    Taking a chance here, I would be very grateful if someone can maybe recognise what relationship fix I need.

    PS I love EspoCRM - thanks!

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    Hi there,
    1. You said that you manually created a Quote entity. You should know that Sales Pack extension has a default entity called Quote as well. So if you try to install Sales Pack in the future it will cause an issue.
    2. Tha main question is `Did Account has been existing on the creation template before you pressed the Save button for a new Quote?` or `Did Account automatically linked to a new Quote after you pressed the Save button?.
    In the first way, it should be achieved via a code. In the second you can just set a formula. Anyway, any of this logic flows shouldn't be deleted upon the relationship removing.


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      Hi Maximus.

      1. Thanks for the headsup. I actually named the entity CustomerQuote, as I was worried about that for the exact reason you mention.

      2. I never needed to specifically choose the Account. There wasn't necessarily a reference to the Account that the Job (relabelled from Case) belongs to. As far as I understood it at that point, the link is there to the Account, since I made it from within the Job detail view bottom panel.

      I've only recently been exploring with formulas and would certainly add one if it can solve this issue I have. The only reason this is now still an issue for me is because now the ACL for portals seems to not recognize that the Case belongs to an Account.

      Hope that makes sense and thanks for the help so far.


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        Originally posted by boognish View Post
        I need some relationship advice, and it's not the dating kind!
        I laugh.

        Anyway deleting of relationship won't actually delete the data in the database, it just get "remove" from what you see in GUI (as far as I know). As long as you can get the name (and the relationship type correct), I believe you can get it all back again.

        Label won't affect anything, you can try looking through your database using myPHPadmin or something and see what is the relationship like and re-create the relationship to match.

        Personally I don't have any experience or insight to this matter.

        Anyway welcome to EspoCRM, here is my advertisement for the unofficial wiki that give you some interesting thread to read:
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          To configure a portal user be able to see a Case related to an Account:
          1. The related Account should be specified in the Accounts field in the portal user's profile
          2. The portal user in his role should have the access fro Case to Read -> 'Account'.