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Administration -> Layout Manager -> Bottom Panels ->... && What BPMs is a record in?

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  • Administration -> Layout Manager -> Bottom Panels ->... && What BPMs is a record in?

    Hi when I go into "Administration -> Layout Manager -> Bottom Panels" there is an item I can select called "...".

    It doesn't deem to do anything. What is it for? Where is it documented?

    Separately, I was looking for a way to display on an Opportunity, the BPMs that it has been part of, and remains part of. Is there any way to do this?


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    MatLudlam you can create relations between entities. Thanks to that you can add to bottom panels panel of specific relation where will be listed records.


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      Hi emillod thanks for the comment, I will have a look; kinda hoped it would be there already.

      Any idea about the "..." entry?


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        Yes, i think it'll be useful if you have many relation panels. It'll work in same way how it working in NAVBAR. So everything what is AFTER "..." will be hiden until you click it.
        Same mechanism like in navbar, you have entities which are hidden, and you have to click on three dots to open dropdown. In bottom panels bottom panels will be visible after click.


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          Ah yes, I see now. Thanks


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            No problem. Have a great day


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              Hi emillod, I am just about to create that link so I can see the status of all BPMs on the entity, but I am not sure what to do. I don't want to create and maintain a new relationship, I want to use an existing one. Thoughts?

              Actually it is slightly more complex than that. I have a BPM to convert my leads into opportunities (long story, but better for me). That conversion process then manipulates tasks on the created Opportunity as things happen (creates chaser tasks etc). So I really want to show BPMs on the Opportunity where the Opportunity.originalLead = BPM.targetID (or whatever the fields are behind the scenes). I thought that this could be a report panel, but not sure on that either.