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  • Report field missing

    I have the Contact Entity which is linked to the Account Entity. I have added a Market Cap (Currency) field to the Account Entity. This creates 3 fields under Account (Market Cap / Market Cap (Converted) / Market Cap (Currency)).

    If I create a report for the Account I can get the Market Cap field as part of the Report. If i use the Contact I can only access Account (Primary).Market Cap (Currency). I don't have access to the actual field I want which should be Account (Primary).Market Cap

    Any idea why I can't access this field in the Report for a Contact?


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    Hi there,
    The currency type field is not supported in Report. As a workaround, you can add to the Contact a foreign type field and fetch the Primary Account Market Cap. After, you'll be able to choose this foreign field in your report.


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      That didn't work either. It doesn't give me the option of creating the Market Cap field as a Foreign Entity only Market Cap (Converted) and Market Cap (Currency) which don't contain the actual value. I'm assuming the next workaround is to make Market Cap a text field?


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        Also, since Reports are part of a paid extension I'm assuming I couldn't add the code myself to fix and allow Currency type fields in the Report?


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          I believe you can made modification to it no issue.

          You just can't modify it, rename the extensions and re-sell it as a "new" extensions. I lost the link but Maximus posted a FAQs about this somewhere. It bit difficult to track it down at the moment.


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            Hi lilfurson,
            espcrm is right. You can make changes and use it for your own purposes. It is not allowed to re-sell it.


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              But if you do post the modification, a tutorial/guide/hint/tips on where you add the code and the example code would be great for other use to use it in their own installation.