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  • Custom sender name

    I have a script task, that automatically send an email, after a certain action. The problem I'm facing is that the system automatically shows the name of the sender as our CRM system, which is confusing for the clients, that receive the emails. Is it possible to make it so the name that is shown is the name of the assigned user. The script task currently looks like this -

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    Hello Mark,
    Does your user has configured Personal Email Account? As far as I know if the same From email address is assigned to the General SMTP and Personal SMTP, then system sending email from the Personal Email Account as it has higher priority.


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      I would like to rise the topic back. My user have Personal e-mail account, but for SMTP we are using system outgoing mail server. I figured out that from mail is Users e-mail, but name is System outgoing mail NAME.

      yuri Could it be that in the scenario when user sending mails from CRM it shows not only users e-mail, but name as well in outgoing mails?