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    Dear all

    Please advise , how to assign roles and groups to users correctly (see attached picture)?
    Manager 1 is leader of group # 1. He can assign tasks to all managers from all groups.
    Manager 2 is leader of group # 2. He can assign tasks to all managers from group 2 and no one else.
    Manager 3 is leader of group # 3. He can assign tasks to all managers from group 3 and no one else.

    thank you in advance
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    Sorry, can't help you but that graph look quite beautiful, do you use software to draw that or 'hand' drawn?


    • ksv
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      it's visio

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    Manager 1:
    Assignment Permission: All

    Task Entity:
    - Create: all
    - Read: all
    - Edit: all
    - Delete: all

    User entity:
    - Read: all
    - Edit: no

    Manager 2/3:
    Assignment Permission: Team

    Task Entity:
    - Create: team (optional)
    - Read: team
    - Edit: team
    - Delete: team (optional)

    User entity:
    - Read: team
    - Edit: no


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      But in this case manager 3 can assign a task to manager 2 because manager 2 , manager 3 , manager 4 belong to team 2.
      I need to ban it.
      How to do this?
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      • espcrm
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        I don't think EspoCRM have an hierarchy system (at least not that I'm aware of) by default (need coding)

        It have to be on a Team by Team basis system.

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      In this case, yes he can. There is no such ability to restrict it via UI.
      Probably to avoid rewriting the whole Role logic, you can create either Hook or a custom field view (for records filter) that will restrict you to select the other users of the team 2.
      Custom field view:


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        oh, this is a big issue for me! I'm not a programmer. –°ould you help me with this issue?


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          So am I. Please create a correspondent topic in the Developer Help branch of the Forum. Hope someone will help you.


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            Lack of hierarchical permisions is a sore point for espo...