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own calendar for user (non admin)?

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  • own calendar for user (non admin)?

    A non admin user should have his own calendar to work and I managed to let him see a calendar. But he can´t edit new entrys into it?!?

    I cant find the right settings to give a non admin user the rights to have an own (not shared) calendar editable.
    I created the user; created the Roll and add him; I created Teams and add him...

    Under Roles settings, I made Calendar acticve but there are no more options like creaate, delete etc.

    Is it not possible or where are the right settings hidden to do that?

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    Calendar is just representing such activities as Meetings, Calls, etc. So to grant your user with the permission to create for example a meeting, you need to set in the role the next permission for the Meeting Entity:
    Create - yes
    Read - own


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      great thanks. bit wired and new user unfriendly but got it now