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  • edit text in activities side panel

    I'm hoping please someone can point me to the right file then tell me how to save it so when I update EspoCrm in the future it stays.

    Basically I need to change the wording on the side panel where is says "Schedule Meeting" to "Add to Job Schedule" I've changed all the relevant labels but cannot see where I need to do this one. I assume it is in a php file somewhere but I have had no luck in finding.

    Basically we are using the meeting function to add jobs to the calendar as it works well for us. nd this would just tidy up the crm.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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    That label is defined in the language Global.json file, for example for English it would be defined in application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/i18n/en_US/Global.json

    I think that you can override the label in an "upgrade safe" way by re-defining it in a custom Global.json file like this:

        "labels": {
            "Schedule Meeting": " Add to Job Schedule"
    For other languages you would need to create the Global.json file under the correct language folder (eg: de_DE, es_ES, pt_BR, es_MX, etc)

    I haven't tested it with your data, but that is how I have been able to change labels in an upgrade safe way for our application.

    Hope it helps.


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      Tried that (and cleared cache) and couldn't get it to work. Unless I'm missing something with the code? Thanks for the help


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        I just tested the custom Global.json file that I put in the previous post, using your parameters and it works fine.

        The code is very straightforward, please make sure that you created the file in the correct location custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/i18n/en_US/Global.json and that you clear cache and rebuild Espo

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          Hi telecastg.

          My bad - 2 things I needed to Rebuild - that was the bit that I hadn't done, you live and learn and all is sorted. If anyone reads this in the future you need to make sure the you select your language in my case it en_GB - I had realised this I must add.

          Secondly thank you so much for your help and time I really appreciate it.

          Take care and as a friend says to me "Don't go licking any door handles".