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    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to convert a very large spreadsheet into a form. It's about 200 rows with about 10 corresponding columns. In normal programmatic sense I'd look into creating an array to store this data so that I'd be creating 200 fields instead of 2000. However, with the array entity type I think that I must be missing something... I'm allowed to manually enter in a list of what I assumed were elements of the array but in a practical sense the end result is effectively a lookup list.

    To give a little more color, this is for an annual review of our technology clients. The table would look something like below with double the columns and 198 more rows.

    We have a guy doing this right now, but it all lives in spreadsheets which are difficult to reference once they're used and carry with them no historical context.

    ITEM                           STATUS                        RISK                          SOLUTION                   GRADE                 FIX ESTIMATE
    Server Health              <text>                           <text>                         <text>                           <enum>                 <int>
    Backups                       <text>                           <text>                         <text>                           <enum>                 <int>

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    Could you explain more explicitly? Are you trying to make something like a report, or something like that? Please shed the light on what you are trying to achieve.