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Creating a multiple payment schedule lines for a Sales order

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  • Creating a multiple payment schedule lines for a Sales order

    As well as having multiple Sales order line items for the items in a sales order I'd like to add a multiple custom payment schedule items. This will allow me to identify payment dates and amounts for clients that pay in advance or in arrears, annually, quarterly or monthly and record when the payment request was sent (Issues Date) and when payment was received (Paid date)
    So a sales order may consist of sales order line items:

    3 x 12 month service subscriptions £500
    1 x 12 months support £400
    1 x installation £600

    with [manually created] SalesOrderPaymentScheduleItems of

    Due date Amount Description Issued date Paid date
    31/01/2020 £1500 12 months subscription, install and consultancy 12/01/2020
    31/01/2021 £500 12 months subscription
    31/01/2022 £500 12 months subscription

    This way our accounts team can quickly work out what payments are due each month across all sales orders (even if we have to run the invoice creation direct from the database).

    I tried setting this up on the demo using a new entity linked in the same way sales order Items are linked to a sales order but was unable to get the sales order to allow me to add multiple payment schedule items.

    In the layouts for "Sales order items" there is an entry for List (Item) and Bottom Total but in the SalesOrderPaymentScheduleItem layout menu there are no similar entries.

    Can this be achieved?
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