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  • Sub Panels or Tabs Help

    Hi guys

    New here and been playing with this amazing system, can i ask if it's possible to create sub panels or tabs for contacts? I have created many fields in contacts for example to cover personal information, training competencies and investigation data but when i open a contact i spend a lot of time scrolling down. Just wondered if there is a way of maybe expanding on each section either by sub panel or side panel to look directly at the section needed rather than heavy scrolling until you see the section you want?

    Thanks guys and great work

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    If you really have a long detail view you can try to make an enum field that will include the names of your panels, and use a dynamic logic to make panels visible if only the enum field parameter equals to the panel's name


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      Hi Andy,

      Unfortunately EspoCRM doesn't support detail view tabs. I believe there's a 3rd party extension by Ebla Soft that makes tabs possible, but I'm not sure.
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        Thanks guys i'll check it out and thanks again for the advice