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Error 500 on test server - cant rebuild DB or make changes

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  • Error 500 on test server - cant rebuild DB or make changes

    Hi, since today i started getting a : Error 500: Error while rebuilding database. See log file for details - on the test server.. I cant add fields or do anything..
    Is that a problem that is currently happening for everyone or just me ?

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    Investigate the problem. Perhaps some of your customization is bad.


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      Do i have a way to see the logs on the trail server somehow to debug ?


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        What do you mean under 'test server'. Is this our cloud solution ( Or it is your own server?
        If you are using EspoCRM on our cloud please provide a link to your instance (e.g. We will check the logs.
        If you are using your own server you can check the logs in the espocrm/data/logs directory.


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          Thank you Maximus - i was referring to the cloud server solution (im in my trail period and i am indeed testing to see if it would be usful before buying the package) - regarding the issue, i was able to reproduce and resolve it - it all was because a problem using (") and (') within an Enum field - im guessing the inputs are not escaped when been stored in the database (or files, im not sure about the structure you guys are using still) - so although i was able to save the values - they were been displayed wrongly (text been cut due the system see the (') or the (")) but this also caused the rebuild process to fail as described, meaning i was also unable to do any entity changes.

          Once the values were removed from the Enum - the problem was resolved