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Account is missing on Lead Convert

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  • Account is missing on Lead Convert

    Hi, the option for Account is missing when I convert Leads.

    I've confirmed I have a Convert layout for Account, Contact and Opportunity.

    I have even added the below to /opt/bitnami/apps/espocrm/htdocs/custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Lead.json

    "convertEntityList": [
    "convertFields": {
    "Contact": {
    "Account": {
    "name": "accountName",
    "billingAddressStreet": "addressStreet",
    "billingAddressCity": "addressCity",
    "billingAddressState": "addressState",
    "billingAddressPostalCode": "addressPostalCode",
    "billingAddressCountry": "addressCountry"
    "Opportunity": {
    "amount": "opportunityAmount",
    "leadSource": "source"

    The same values are in the /opt/bitnami/apps/espocrm/htdocs/application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Lead.json

    What am I missing? Why is there no option for Account during lead conversion? It doesn't create it an Account and it doesn't show the option.

    Any thoughts?

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    I can't reproduce. Everything works good. Check please error log file in the data/logs directory.
    What EspoCRM version do you use?


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      Hi thanks for reply,

      Nothing in the logs, running version 5.7.1.

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        B2C was enabled for some reason... I disabled this and it's showing again. Can close this topic.
        Hello! The option to convert into "account" has disappeared. I have looked at the metadata files and it seems that everything is fine (both the