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Email Inbox and Bad Server Response

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  • Email Inbox and Bad Server Response

    Ho folks 2 problems and may be related.

    1) Personal Emails are showing in sent items when they are received into Espo - nothing is in the Inbox and cannot be moved there. Inbox shows in the email tab but I suspect that the "Inbox" is broken somewhere

    2) Keep getting "Bad Server Response" at various times although everything else seems to be working.

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    1. There is a little access restriction to view Inbox that you should know. A user can see in the Inbox only those emails that apply to him. For example, if your user has the email address '' in his profile but the Personal email account IMAP settings have configured email address as '', he will not be able to view those emails. The user email address should be the same as the IMAP email address.

    2. What you are trying to do when the 'Bad Server Response' error occurs? Could you provide your error log file from /data/logs?


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      Hi Maximus, Many thanks for your help - really appreciated!! INumber 1 has answered my question and is resolved - Number 2 has been resolved by a fresh install this morning.

      However I was looking at the system requirements and have this line errror -

      exif Off Fail (extension is missing)

      Could this be causing periodic bad server response - or is it something else I need to change (not a php expert)

      Thanks again


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        Hi Maximus

        Bad Server Response Update - just added SSL and site is now saying Bad Server Response and wont load. I can still log in via a non secure but would prefer SSL - any ideas this is via Chrome


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          Everything is possible. The error log could tell us more about the cause of this error. We can only guess cause as I understood the error log file doesn't exist anymore.
          All PHP extensions that are described here should be installed.
          Is there any issue after you have reinstalled EspoCRM?


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            Hi Maximus. Sorted found that it was a caching problem on Chrome that was caused by the reisntall and SSL being added - something simple as always. Much appreciate your support!!