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    I have the espo application in my server and i enabled "Use Cache" From Admin --> Settings --> Use Cache.

    Later i tried to modify some css and template changes in the file , and my changes are not affected in frontend. So i disabled the "Use Cache" option and then i "Cleared cache " and did " Rebuild " from admin end and i can see my changes are working fine now , but once again i enable "Use Cache" i can see my changes are not working it shows the previous working version.

    Please let me know do i need to delete any cache files ?

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    When you have the "Use Cache" function disabled, the"Clear Cache" function will not recreate the cache. So the "Use Cache" function should be enabled.
    If you have the "Use Cache" enabled and you have made some code change, in your case it more than enough just to "Clear Cache" and reload a web page.


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      Thanks for the response.

      I have added a custom menu in navbar.tpl file and added a translation text to that in the related json file.

      Now if i enable the cache option my changes are not working , I disabled the cache and cleared the cache , now my changes are working , not sure where i made wrong.


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        > I disabled the cache and cleared the cache, now my changes are working
        If you have disabled the cache you don't need to make "Clear Cache". It is required if you are using it.


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          In My case the changes are not working even if i enable "Use Cache" and doing cache clear and rebuild again.


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            For me it always work having cache enabled and just going to Administration to clear cache and rebuild, then forcing a reload of the page using Ctrl+R (some browsers insist on keeping a cached version).
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              Hello. I encountered a similar issue. I added a piece of code to footer.tpl to display 2 buttons: "Call now" and "Email now", but the only way to make it work is to disable "Use cache".