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Help needed understanding logic of portal users/contacts

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  • Help needed understanding logic of portal users/contacts


    I have client with their own portal on my EspoCRM instance.
    Created contacts, assigned account, created portal users from contacts. Portal users 'picked up' email addresses and phone numbers from associated contact.

    Portal users can login, create cases and view knowledge base, but can not edit their own personal data in account information (upper right corner). When they open their details, they can only change password.

    If I allow to portal role to be able to view their own contact, they can change contact email address, but notifications to their address (case updates) are beeing sent to email address that is defined in their portal user. So changing contact email does not help me.

    Am I missing something? EspoCRM is at latest version without commercial extensions..


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    When you are creating a new portal user from your contact, it is automatically copied its data to the new portal user profile. Changing any data of the linked contact doesn't affect this data of the existed portal user. There is no possibility for portal users to change their profile information by themselves.
    To solve this your portal user should create a case with the request to an administrator to change some data.