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    I am looking at upgrading my advanced package. Very important: Is there anything in there worth paying the extra for that I don't have with the version I purchased 3 years ago? Also, I see you can export reports. Can you also import them? That way I can export them to excel and if anything happens can import them back in as needed.

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    Unfortunately, there is no ability to import the reports.
    Nowadays an Advanced Pack includes Workflow, BPM and Reports. You can read more about it here
    Since last 3 years were added a lot of features for reports. You can check them here


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      Why can't reports be imported? Is this something that will be available at some point? If you create all the parameters for reports and have an issue with the database then it is just gone. That makes no sense to me.


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        Reports will be importable soon.


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          Upgrade of your Advanced Pack should not do any affect on your existed reports, so you don't need to export and import them back. All your report configs are stored in the database.
          If you want to install a new version of the Advanced Pack you should make the next necessary steps:
          1. Upgrade your PHP version to 7.1+ (the previous versions of the PHP is not supported now);
          2. Upgrade your EspoCRM version to the latest (EspoCRM, as well as Advanced Pack, have got a lot of changes for the last 3 years. The new Advanced Pack may work not correctly with an old EspoCRM version)
          Here you can find upgrade packets for the EspoCRM:
          3. Upgrade your Advanced Pack

          Note: before starting this process I strongly recommend you to make your DB dump. For this please read this:
          Please, pay attention that in this article is described how to make a backup of your current EspoCRM instance as well. You can also do this before starting the process.