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Email via workflow: how to use entity\attributeFetched();

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  • Email via workflow: how to use entity\attributeFetched();

    Can we have an example where you may send out a notification email containing the old value and new value of a field?

    Workflow :

    Trigger :
    after record save and has changed
    Email template
    : Hello, an account changed its name from {$oldname} to {}

    Where would you assign Formula : $oldname = entity\attributeFetched(name);

    Thank you,

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    Actually there is a small error in see screenshot.

    Unfortunately formulas are not available for some workflow actions as stated on

    So far only way to get make an email with
    "Attention: name of Account changed from This to That"
    is storing the old value in a separate field, and using it from there.

    Storing the previous value is done in a workflow :

    Trigger : After save
    Condition All : status changes
    Action : update target record : formula : pstat=entity\attributeFetched('status')

    Next action is to send an email and include both status as pstatus in the template
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