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Contact History not showing e-mails received by other team members (B2C)

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  • Contact History not showing e-mails received by other team members (B2C)

    Using EspoCRM configured as B2C as per instructions on GitHub doc.
    Set up one team with a few members.
    Personal e-mail accounts for each team member.
    No group mail accounts set up.

    With a B2C setup, the main entities are contacts. Any person is primarily a contact
    and there is where the key data would reside.

    Works fine, but what I consider awkward is the following

    * When a customer sends an e-mail to one of the members of the team, this member
    can view the contact page of that customer and see the mails received from the customer in
    the History tab.

    * He can, however, only see the mails which were sent to HIM. So all mails which
    that customer sent to other team members are not visible to member 1.
    And also vice versa - the mails sent to member 1 are not visible in the history
    tab of the customer contact page when seen by the other members.

    Is that intended to be that way, or can I configure this some way that in the History
    tab of a Contact page it should show ALL mails, by whichever team member they were received
    (as long as they are part of that team)? And also being able to see any mails sent to that
    customer by any members of that team? That would give a really good picture of the
    entire communication exchange.

    Can team member get all e-mails if he clicks "Follow" on that contact?
    (That would be a workaround but if there are 100,000 contacts it becomes a bit
    cumbersome to mark them all as followed ...)

    I would understand the rationale behind this if it is designed intentionally like that, but
    it defeats a bit the point of having teams - they should be able to see all communications
    which were sent to a specific contact by all team members to be able to coordinate
    their actions.

    Group mail accounts do not really help here - we want the mails of team members kept separate,
    no-one should look at each others mail EXCEPT in the history tab, when the mails actually
    are related to a specific customer.
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    I am interested by the answer... :-)


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      An access is controlled by roles. If a user has a read access for emails set to 'own' then one will be able to see only own emails (where a user's email address is either in TO, CC, BCC or FROM).

      If you set an access level to 'team' and make sure that all team users have their 'Default Team' field specified, then it should work out. But only for new received emails.


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        Originally posted by yurikuzn View Post
        make sure that all team users have their 'Default Team' field specified,
        Great, thanks!!
        It works it seems,
        But does that mean only the mail associated to the default team will be shared?
        Maybe it is because any incoming email will be by default associated to that team and shared only in that default team?
        I guess there is not ideal solution.. Making the email visible to every team the destinee is member of would usually be too much...


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          Additional / real question now: I am a member of two teams, because participating in the two lines of business. But the emails I receive on one topic should not be visible to the other team. Is that possible? Is it possible to associate one folder of my IMAP / personal mail account to a Team and another folder to another Team?


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            There is no such an option.

            It's possible to achieve with Workflows. Checking Personal Email Account in a condition and relating with a certain team in an action.
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