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403 error when trying to access REST API with auth token

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  • 403 error when trying to access REST API with auth token

    I have several instances of EspoCRM running and I am using the REST API intensively. Since a few days I have a problem with the auth tokens generated from one of these instances: When calling /App/user with username and password via REST API a new auth token is generated successfully, but when I am using this token for subsequent calls I constantly receive a 403 error.

    I am using EspoCRM 5.2.4, and the lifetime of auth tokens is set to 0 (infinite). All generated tokens are listed under #Admin/authTokens.

    Any ideas?

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    403 is Forbidden Error. Check in Access if this user has permission to do needed action


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      Thanks for the hint. When I give admin privileges to the API user everything works fine, so there must something be wrong with the role definition. I'll check that.

      BTW, I got misled by the API doc. It says: "If request returns 403 error that means either username/password is wrong or token is not valid anymore." So, that should be changed to 401 ... ?


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        Thanks, fixed.