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Mailchimp groups not showing

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  • Mailchimp groups not showing

    Hi there,

    I am suddenly unable to select Mailchimp groups when trying to sync my Espo target lists with my mailchimp lists. I can see my Mailchimp lists, but when I select a list and then go to pick a group, it says there are no groups to select from. I know that the groups exist because I have been able to select them before. I still have target lists on Espo that I linked up to groups before this was an issue (groups from the same list that I am now unable to see any groups for). I can still see the connection with these old target lists up until the point where I try and edit the group and then it shows an empty list again.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    check group list of this MailChimp. What Type of group do you use for this list?
    Just tested on my configuration and it works. That's why I need more information


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      Sorry Tanya, I'm not sure what you mean when you say what type of group do you use? I've attached a screenshot of what my Mailchimp set up looks like. I can see the Master List under 'MailChimp List' when I select 'MailChimp Sync', but I cannot see any of the groups, even though I used to be able to see them and have created links to them in the past.


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        Here a type of the group is checkboxes.
        What versions are of Advanced Pack and EspoCRM?
        Check espo log as well, please.
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          We are using v5.1.1 of Espo. How do I find out which version of Advanced Pack we're using? And sorry, where do I need to check the log? I can only see the user action log?


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            Administration > Extension > in the list you will see Advanced Pack version
            open folder {espoPath}/data/logs/ {current date}.log


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              Thanks Tanya. We're using v1.11.5 of Advanced Pack. I'm not sure how I go about updating that? I have an order number from when we purchased it but can't find anywhere on the website to try and submit it.

              I'm seeing lots of MailChimp errors in the logs that look like this:

              [2018-05-22 14:02:06] Espo.ERROR: MailChimp (updateMCListRecipients) : Error after requesting POST Invalid MailChimp List ID: fdddddb5df [] []

              and this:

              [2018-05-22 13:36:05] Espo.ERROR: MailChimp (updateMCListRecipients) : Error after requesting GET A backend database error has occurred. Please try again later or report this issue. [] []


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                Sorry, but it is too old version.
                MailChimp deprecated api version 2.0.
                Find all the Mailchimp API documentation and tools developers need to send marketing and transactional emails.

                If you paid for Advanced Pack less then 1 year ago, you can update it to the newest version for free. If not, you need to pay for the extension again. For this contact EspoCRM


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                  Ah I see. Thank you for your support.