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Sharing Calendar with all team members

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  • Sharing Calendar with all team members

    I have 5 Team Leaders... each has 10 Appointment Bookers underneath... the job of Appointment Bookers is to go thru Leads that were assigned to them by their Team Leader and try to book an appointment for the Team Leader thru the Meeting module... the problem is that the Appointment Bookers can't see the Calendar of the Team Leader and their bookings could conflict, i.e. Appointment Bookers might book appointments at the same time.
    How can I share one Calendar among all team members so all Appointment Bookers will see one calendar and will not double book?

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    It's not supported for now but we goint to implement Shared Calendar in future.


    • homeempire
      homeempire commented
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      It will be great to have shared calendar in week , day, month etc view.
      Like in timeline - with the possibility of choice users calendars.
      And with possibility to choice color for each calendar.

    • huscmk
      huscmk commented
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      Is there a possible quick hack that we can do to make the default content of the calendar be "Events of my teams" instead of "Events assigned to me" ?

      If you could just point me to the files that need to be customized, that would be really helpfull.

      Thanks in advance

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    Is it supported yet? not only for the same day but for the same month?


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      Did you see that video?
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        Yeh this is good, but ideally, I'd like to see the shared calendar on a week/month view. As a manager it's important to see where staff are from a bigger overview.

        I don't know if this is already part of it, if so, could someone show me please?


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          If you want to add Events of other users, you can override the method actionListCalendarEvents in Activities Controller.
          set $userIdList if it is empty.

          application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Controllers/Activities.php - original file
          custom/Espo/Custom/Controllers/Activities.php - upgrade safe path of file, extending original
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          • huscmk
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            I will give it a try. Thanks a lot for the help.

          • chinas
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            Looks like you mean:
            application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Controllers - original file

          • tanya
            tanya commented
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            Yes, of course

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          Hi -
          Boy, this one's a real deal-breaker for me... Espo is otherwise a great product.

          Respectfully, is there even an eta on this? Seems like sharing time commitments would be a top-tier feature for a CRM.

          southern California


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            no ETA on Shared Calendar


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              like tfillmor said ESPO is really a great CRM but the calendar is still pain. If you don't want to share everything with Google the calendar is very limited. Please consider to implement a solution like:

              - improving the calendar to functionality like vtiger, nextcloud, sogo etc
              - create an open interface to share/export calendar to DAV or iCAL

              I know it's lot of work, so maybe you put it to the Advanced Pack. I think you will get much more customers with it.

              That would be really great!


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                BIG BUMP from me for shared calendar feature..


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                  Planned for 5.2.0.


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                    Hi Yurikuzn,

                    that are good news!!!
                    Is there a roadmap when Version 5.2.0 will be available?