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  • Portal Calendar Access

    I have enabled the calendar in portal dashboard, but portal users are not able to access. There is a 403 error while the calendar is enabled on the portal dashboard and if the user clicks to access the calendar view. I have gone through and made sure that everything that is available through the calendar is accessible by the portal user through the tab lists.

    The only way we have been able to have the calendar function in the portal is to make the portal user and admin, which we cannot do for customers.

    Is there something that needs to be done to enable access to the calendar for portal users that I am missing?

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    Calendar is disabled for Portals and can't be enabled with Portal Roles.
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      Thank you for the response. I have looked through the portal user roles options and do not see anything relating to the calendar. is there anything in particular that needs to be enabled for this to work? I have tried enabling access to tasks and meetings, etc for portal user roles and it still does not work.

      Any guidance would be amazing!


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        Sorry, it can't be enabled. I can help you to remove the error message, but not sure it will work well.
        As I remember, calendar work only for users (assigned or attendees), but portal user can modify this field, so if he/she creates an event, this event will not be visible for this user, until non-portal user add he/she to attendees


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          Thanks for the help. I think we will just remove the calendar from the dash entirely for now.