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  • Show next birthdays in calendar

    I added a date field to contact entry, is there a way to show the upcoming birthdays in an list or calendar? I tried with Reports of the Advanced Pack, but no luck?

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    Report just allows you to see the list of people have a birthday in a timeframe you define.
    You can create a workflow, which will create new events, based on report


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      How can I do it? I created a list report but I can only filter with the whole date value not with date.Day and date.Month, so I even have no chance to see which contacts have birthday today.


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        Create workflow with Target Entity - Contact (if we talk about contacts birthday), Trigger Type - Scheduled, Target Report - report you created before, Scheduling - 0 3 * * * (at 3 am everyday), Actions - Create Entity. Define needed fields in Action.
        You can use meeting entity or create new one with type Event in Entity Manager (second variant is better). Also don't forget to check if new Entity to Calendar Entity List in System Settings


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          That's clear! My problem is the report, I don't see a way to filter contact that have birthday today. This only works in grid reports but I think I need a list report.


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            Sorry for beeing annoying but I didn't find a way to filter a list report to the todays bithdays or maybe the birthdays in the next week, could you please give me an advice?


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              For now it is possible only, if day, month, and year are in separated fields. A little bit later it will be possible with one date field


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                Thx, that are good news.


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                  Good news

                  Originally posted by yurikuzn View Post
                  Version 1.22.0 released

                  * Report: Ability to specify complex expression with functions as a filter (only with EspoCRM 4.7.0 and greater).
                  * Report: Supporting foreign date, datetime and image fields as columns in list reports.
                  * Workflow: Fixed not properly working conditions w/ Link Multiple fields.

                  Now it's possible to create more complex filters in reports. E.g. showing contacts having birthday today, the next months etc.
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                    Thx for reply, tested it but the is no function datetime\month in my version....

                    so I tried an other way to achive this I used this:


                    which works well but i want the birthday of this month and next month too

                    so I add an OR filter with the following expression

                    datetime\format(datetime\addMonths(datetime\today( ),1),null,'MM')

                    but no result....

                    If I tried only the birthday from the next month, it works well to, but OR combined no result. This might be a bug I think.


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                      It's unlikely that there is no datetime\month in your version. It's not available in UI you just need to type in manually.

                      You can post a screenshot of your filters. It's unlikely that there is a bug but anyway need to check.


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                        If I take twice the same expression "or" combined it works.

                        If I use each expression separate, it each works (each expression has 1 result: 1 contact with birthday in may, 1 contact with birthday in june)

                        datetime\format(datetime\addMonths(datetime\today( ),1),null,'MM')

                        But if I use them "OR" combined I expected to have 2 result but I get none.


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                          Both filters must be under OR group. See


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                            Awesome!!! Thx for great support.


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                              Good Day,

                              I've been trying to make this to work but not sure what am I doing wrong. I need to create a daily report list that shows "today's" contacts birthday, I'm using the function suggested above datetime\date(datetime\now()) but that not work, Now if I use Sebastian function datetime\format(datetime\today(),null,'MM') I could get a list of contacts with birthdays in current month or next month etc,

                              Any Ideas?