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do all mass emails come from the admin email?

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  • do all mass emails come from the admin email?

    i have a user, i have setup mail settings for that user, i have put that user in charge of the campaign, list and leads. when i send a mass email using that user where all things are assigned to them, it still comes from my email address which is setup in the admin area.

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    All mass emails are sent through one and the same general smtp account but you can spoof that by setting a 'from' as well as a 'reply to' name and address per message. This works well although in the past some clients said: 'sent by on behalf of'. But I haven't seen this behaviour in a long time.
    Negative aspect of this method: the bounces won't be collected and processed properly since bounces apparently go to the spoofed from address. Here some fixing in the application is required.
    Robert Laussegger
    iscon group